José Manuel Escudero (@Jmlevick)

Occupation: Fullstack Web Developer
Location: México
Age: 24
Phone: +52 (55) 4697 4669
Github: @Jmlevick

Entrepreneur, musician, technologist. My main goal in life is to change the world through my creative power. I love computers, coffee and innovation. My favorite way of talking to computers is Javascript. Disruptive thinking is a must and time is of the essence! Dream BIG, build GREAT, be REMEMBERED.

Coding Skills



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Other Skills


3 yrs. of Preschool @ Public Kindergarden (relevant?)

6 yrs. of Elementary school @ Instituto Ángel M. Corzo

3 yrs. of Junior High school @ Secundaria Sócrates

3 yrs. of High school @ Universidad del Valle de México

3 yrs. of Electric Guitar Execution @ Yamaha Popular Music School

Other Education

Since 2008, I've been self-learning lots of stuff related to:

From a bunch of different sources like online tutorials, books, screencasts and places like Google Developers, MongoDB University, Code School, edX etc. I enjoy assisting events like Startup Weekends and others similar to those to compete with my own projects (when it's possible) just for the thrill of it, plus all the knowledge you gather from the mentors and other entrepreneurs because I find very valuable the "hands on" experience that one can get from such interactions at these events. I also try not to miss any conference or entrepreneurial event near to me on the calendar to network as much as I can.


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Other activities I enjoy doing are:

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